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How to Present Your Book Proposal
If you are a writer or photographer with a book idea, we encourage you to contact us early in the planning process to discuss your project with us.

The proposal should include:
  • A brief description of the book
• Two or three sample chapters
• An outline briefly describing each chapter, detailed enough to give the flavor and structure of the book
• Photo copies or printouts of sample photos and illustrations - no originals, please
• Target date for completion of the manuscript
• An analysis of what audience and markets would be targeted

Audience and market information should address:
Who Is The Audience?
  • What is the market for your book and how many potential buyers do you envision?
• Who wants this book? Why do they want it? Why do they need it?
• Do you have specific marketing ideas?

What Makes Your Book Special?
  • What is new or different about your book?
• List any special markets your book may have outside regular trade book channel such as bookstores.
• Could sales result from your contacts - associations, organizations, corporations, groups, hospitals, treatment centers, workshops, seminars or speaking engagements?
• Which magazines or professional/trade journals may review your book or print articles by you that in turn would promote the book?
• Do you have specific ideas for marketing your book?
• How willing are you to be active in marketing your book?

What Qualifies You to Write This Book?
  • List previously published books or articles.
• Are you a specialist in this field?
• Experience, access to information, other facts that make you uniquely suited to author this book

Guidelines for Proposal Submissions
  • Include a cover letter with your submission.
• Provide a working title.
• Provide a projected word count of entire manuscript including text, foreword, preface, introduction, acknowledgements, table of contents, appendix, notes, glossary, index or other.
• Provide a projected number of photographic images, charts, graphs or illustrations. Indicate source and format (transparencies, conventional prints, digital, etc.). Provide copies (no originals, please) of a representative sampling of the art for your book. If you are working together with another illustrator or photographer, provide information about this individual.
• Proposals may be submitted as Word (Windows preferred) files or PDF files or as hard-copy printouts.
• If your proposal has multiple pages or if you are submitting a completed manuscript for review, it is helpful if it is bound to prevent pages from becoming separated or out-of-order.
• Submissions will not be returned unless you provide a stamped, self-addressed mailing envelope.
• The review process can be lengthy. Please allow 4-6 weeks for a response.

Guidelines for Final Manuscript Submissions
If Dragonflyer Press accepts your book proposal, please follow these guidelines in preparation of the manuscript and artwork:
  • The complete manuscript should be submitted as a Word document using 12 point Times Roman, double-spaced with one inch margins all around. Turn page numbering on. Provide both a hard copy printout and the file on disk.
• Please do not format or design the book layout. This requires the formatting to be stripped out of the file before it goes into book production, slowing the process down.
• Provide a final word count.
• All illustrative materials (photos, art, etc.) should be identified as to where within the text they are to appear. Captions or cut-lines should be in a separate Word file, in the sequential order they are to appear in the book, and keyed to match the image numbers.

If you wish to provide digital images, you must contact us first for guidelines — these images must be of very high resolution for the quality books we produce. You will be asked to provide a sample digital image for our review first.


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